Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bike serviced & stuff packed

Servicing the bike:
Together with the help of professional mechanic Mischa Johan has changed for one day all needed parts on the bike and made a summery of good advices that he got from Mischa. As well Mischa gave some good advices on which tools and spares to take with us that were still missing.

The following parts have been changed:
All braking pads, oil- and air filter, spark plugs, oil, chain and both sprockets. As well we've attached the oil plug with a wire to the bike (so in case it gets loose it'll not get lost), remounted the bash plate (was touching the exhaust) and have made a mount for the chain oiler. One day later the tire service has changed both tires to Heidenhau K60's which should last untill Thailand. The used parts that were dismounted are waiting to get back on the bike when we get back to Lithuania.

The tools, puncture repair kit, rain coat, grease and a small can of WD40 are packed under the seat and the bike is ready to leave.
Full serviced V-Strom ready to go!
Packing our stuff:
We've made a list of items that we need to take with us during our travel and have put everything in our living room, checked if there were items missing and slowely started packing it into the tank bag and aluminium panniers. It looks like we'll be able to fit everything with leaving the topbox empty for the stops on the way.
Packing up our stuff
Arranging last documents:
The Indian consulate in Vilnius received the passport from Milda allready but Johan's passport should arrive on Tuesday from the Indian embassy in Poland (because it's a Dutch passport?!). On Tuesday we'll get as well our last vaccinations.

In our last days before our travel we're saying goodbye to our friends and family and it looks like we are leaving Wednesday towards the warm south!


  1. You forgot to mention , that all driving wear gear , were exclusively hand washed in Gabija and Jonathan's bath tub ...

    Good luck,
    take care and come back home in peace