Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost ready

The last months we have been busy with the preparation of our travel and now the last things need to be sorted out.

A short summery on what has been done the last weeks:
  • We just got our first vaccination for Hepatitis A and B which is a big event for Johan. The second one we'll get on the 6th of September, just before our departure.
  • With the help of snowland travel we got our Pakistan Visas in Denmark. Many thanks for Kamal!
  • We got our LOI through Iran Silk Road from Iran and applied for the Iranian Visa in Warsaw.
  • All spare parts have been shipped from UK to NL and forwarded to Lithuania.
  • We got our travel insurance at sevencorners.com.
  • Bought a waterproof bike cover that almost covers the bike with boxes. 
  • Received the Carnet de Passage from Adac. 
  • We arranged the transport with Eagle Export from Nepal to Thailand.

Things that still need to be done:
  • Apply for the Indian Visa in Vilnius. We should receive it within 2 weeks. As we are planning to travel over land from Pakistan it could be a problem to get an Indian visa. Thanks to lucky circumstances Johan went to apply for a visa and got helped by a woman who loves Holland because her son is studying there. She will help us to arrange the needed tickets that will prove that we will fly to India and not come by bike.
  • Get more stuff sacks, there are still too many things lying around in our boxes. 
  • Attach the new chain oiler that is received from Poland. 
  • Exchange tires, braking pads, chain, sprockets, oil, filters together with mechanic (to get advices if needed).
  • Install a bigger foot on the side stand.
  • Getting a haircut, go to the dentist and doctor. 
  • On the 26th of August we'll get a consultation about Malaria as we'll be traveling in Malaria regions.
  • Put everything on the floor one week before we leave and get rid of the not necessary stuff.
  • Put copies of all documents on USB stick and send it to our own e-mail.
  • Say goodbye to our colleagues, friends and Milda's family.

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