Two-Up:(tOO'up) Meaning: 2 persons on one motorbike
We met each other about five years ago in a bar in Vilnius. Back then we could never imagine that one day we would make a long travel with one motorcycle. We can describe ourselves as a couple that never wants to stand still. We like to change our environment, meet new people, learn about new cultures and enjoy as much different kinds of food as possible.

Nationality: Lithuanian
Age: 28
Occupation: Recruiter
Interests: Animals, active leisure, discovering nature 

Milda about herself: "I was always interested in different languages and cultures and always wanted to leave Lithuania  and live abroad. But since I met Johan he was a reason for me to stay in Lithuania. This travel will be a nice way to find out a new destination to live and work in.

I enjoyed to travel by bike since the very first time. It is a much nicer way to discover new places and meet new people than traveling by car. I had an idea to get a motorbike driving license myself, but to be a passenger is more in my nature than being a driver".
Bike cafe during our test ride in Ukraine
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 29
Occupation: Recruiter
Interests: Enduro, music, wild camping

Johan about himself:  "I was born in the Netherlands but went for an adventure to study and start an own recruiting agency in some Lithuania. 

I decided to get my motor drivers license after I tried to drive the motorbike of my friend. Soon after I bought a BMW F650 and we did our first longer travel around Eastern Europe with a tent. We really enjoyed traveling overland but it became clear that for an enjoyable overland trip we need a bigger bike and more time as we covered way too many km's for such a short time (3.700km in a week). A year later I sold the F650 and bought a KTM Adventure 640 for driving long distances off road in Lithuania, mostly with Milda as passenger.
Forest road Lithuania

After I have read different travel books and was looking for a new challenge in my life I came with an idea of making a long travel and soon after that Milda decided to join. For this travel I bought a Suzuki V-Strom which has to take us to Malaysia.

Bike & Gear
After making a comparison between a couple of motorbikes the V-Strom was the winner because of it's reliability, comfort to travel two-up and the good fuel range.

Below we sum up information about the motorbike & most if the gear that we take with us.

  • Suzuki V-Strom 650 K7, 15.000 km (bought in Italy on 2-2011 with 7.000 km) 
Modifications with comments:
  • Original Suzuki hand guards
  • Oxford heated grips - perfect, used it in every country up to Nepal (even in Iran)
  • Givi engine bars - lost a mounting bolt in Thailand
  • SW-motech bash plate - hit it very often, touches the engine as well (the Touratech might be better as it is smaller)
  • SW-motech center stand - got on top of the exhaust mount and touched the chain in Thailand
  • Polo windshield extension - very useful for long distance really feel the difference, shipped it home in Nepal
  • Givi luggage racks
  • Kappa top box with backrest
  • Zarges aluminium panniers - dents when dropping the bike, hit the box in India which damaged the right box totally, would go for soft luggage next time
  • Wolfman Rainier tank bag
  • Garmin 62s
  • Rammount for the Garmin
  • Voila chain oiler - perfect item but lost the oiling pipe in Thailand, couldn't find anything to replace
  • 12v power socket
  • Homemade larger footprint for the sidestand for loose sand
  • Heidenau K60 tires - drove with rear tire 17.000 k's, front 24.000 k's (still going), good handling, love those tires - got Metzeler Karoo's (rear) in Thailand which wear very fast
  • Homemade sheepskin seat cover - very comfy, wouldn't do without
  • Note: would have got different springs for better control off-road, 
  • Got a Gopro camera in Bangkok Great!
  • MotoPump basic kit 
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Motion Pro Tool kit 
  • Tool roll
  • KTM tyre levers
  • Small can of WD40
  • Small tube of grease
  • Feeler gauge
  • Ductape - used very often
  • Fuses
  • Superglue
  • Lots of zip ties (attached to front fork) - doesn't work, they brake because of weather changing
  • Puncture repair kit - didn't use it, no punctures
  • Other basic tools to do basic repair job
  • Note: Got some cheap tools which brake.. No cheap tools again for me.
  • Brake lever
  • Clutch lever
  • Clutch cable
  • Spark plugs
  • 3 Oil filters - changed oil almost every 5.000 k's, it's seemed hard to find proper oil in Pakistan
  • Steering head bearing
  • Front wheel bearing
  • Rear wheel bearing 
  • Sprocket carrier bearing
  • Front tire tube - gave it to a fellow over lander in Laos (
  • Spare M6 nuts and bolts
  • Fuel line
  • Note: Could have brought an extra set of braking pads as the rear pads lasted up to Cambodia (22.000 k')
Riding gear Johan:
  • Helmet: Uvex Enduro
  • Jacket: Richa
  • Pants: Macna - too warm in South East Asia
  • Gloves: mx Alpinastars
  • Boots: Alpinastars Scout
  • Rain jacket - we only needed in Poland
  • Hydration bag: Scott
Riding gear Milda:
  • Helmet: Uvex
  • Jacket: Polo Pharao
  • Pants: Polo - totally worn
  • Gloves:
  • Boots: Daytona 
Camping gear:
  • Tent: Eureka! Wabakimi 2 - shipped home in Nepal
  • Mattrasses: POE Ether thermo 6 - shipped home in Nepal
  • Sleeping bags
  • Mummy sleeping bag liners - use them almost everyday (dirty hotels)
  • Pillow: Sheep skin
  • Stove - shipped home in Nepal
  • Water purifier - maybe the only item we didn't use during our travel so far
  • Money belt   
  • Big travel towel Milda, small one Johan
  • First aid kit - almost didn't need it, mostly for injured people we met that rented a bike and fell