Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Malaysia, 30-12-2011 - 11-01-2012

Through the rain towards the sunny beach
If hard rain in New Years Eve means luck, then we must be very lucky in 2012. And if celebrating New Year with Chinese businessmen and businesswomen brings a good business year, then this year must be our business year!
Without knowing that we came to celebrate New Year in one of the most Muslim towns of Malaysia where only a few legal bars could be found. In one of them we quietly met New Year with friendly Chinese friends who all had their business in Malaysia. It was a nice new experience for us discovering that Chinese can be so relaxed people and such a fast drinkers.
The next day it was raining so much that we were afraid not to be able to leave this quiet Muslim town. But despite the rain we left and drove through the flood until we found a sunny beach. We found our beach paradise in Cherating, a quiet surfers beach with little tourists and very relaxed atmosphere. We met two local guys, Pang and Denny, and had a great time together.
The moment we were sitting in their car listening to Guns n' Roses and feeling Malaysian wind blowing through our mind we felt like being with our old good friends. There is no better feeling after four months of driving the globe! We enjoyed many nice moments together. The guys were surfing, we were running kites, making fire in the evening and introduced to the guys a Lithuanian way of barbecue. They enjoyed a lot our potatoes, garlic and onions fried in fire.
It was such a perfect time that we couldn't resist the charm of this quiet and pure beach and instead of two nights we stayed there four nights. It was so sad to leave and say goodbye to the guys, also because we both knew that our adventure would finish in Kuala Lumpur...

As soon as we reached our last stop, a giant piece of concrete and metal emerging in the middle of the jungle, we could scream from happiness - we did it!
We came to Kuala Lumpur a few days before our flight to be sure that we would have enough time to prepare the bike for shipment as until the last moment we didn't know what would be the best way to do it. Our first try was very successful, we went to the cargo department of Malaysian airlines and were provided with a very nice service. Our bike, like a real team member, would fly back with us in one plane!
We had a few more days to enjoy Malaysia which appeared to be a great country for the end of our trip - beautiful, green, with very friendly and helpful locals. At the end we made a conclusion that the nicest moments during our trip we had in Muslim countries.
We had our last beer with Danny and Pang and spent our last days with Arman, a very nice man who we met in the cargo department of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He invited us to visit his family and we had a chance to discover Malay hospitality. Arman was so happy to have us over that he introduced us to his friends, let us taste delicious Malay food and showed the nicest places around.
He made us feel such a special guests! We felt a lot of sympathy for his family and his special daughter who is mentally handicap. We couldn't expect a nicer and better end of our adventure!

Last day of our trip 
Before we started our journey Milda was often wondering how the last day of our trip would look like. And there we were - happy, surrounded by great people and thankful to each other for making this journey possible. Our hearts were full of warmth and our minds were full of positive thoughts. We felt special and Johan found the best words to describe that feeling - we felt like after getting our diploma with commendation for finished studies. Now it's important to make use of all the knowledge we got during the trip.
The first thing we took care of during the last day of our trip was the preparation of the bike for shipment. We managed to make the bike very light and were very glad that we did everything ourselves. All the preparation and documentation took us only a few hours.

Arman was around us all day long and his family joined us later to spend the last hours before the flight.
When we found ourselves alone in the airport we had a few thoughtful hours. It was so sad to realize that our adventure was finished. It might sound boring but this trip was the best thing ever happened to us and now, after four months and four days of driving and making 28 100 km. (we expected to make maximum 24 000 in total!), we would come back to the beginning within 13 hours...
We did it.....!!!

Some numbers
KMs driven in total: 28 100
KMs driven during this period: 1850
Money spent during this period: 470 euro (not including the shipment of bike and flight tickets)

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  1. I am so proud of you, M&J!!! You did a fantastic trip, and I am very happy that I had a little part in it :) I am sure you will find a new adventure some day in the future. Hugs&Kisses!